Our Story

Designed by prominent Denver architects W.J. and Frank Edbrooke (Tabor Grand Opera House, Brown Palace Hotel and Oxford Hotel among many other masterpieces), The Temple has been a towering presence in Denver since 1882. Early on, it was home to Temple Emanuel. Frances Wisebart Jacobs, Rabbi William S. Friedman, Rev. Myron W. Reed, Msgr. William J.O’Ryan and Dean H. Martyn also founded what was to become United Way at the Temple during this time. By 1897,Temple Emanuel had outgrown its current location and Beth HaMedrosh Hagodol (BMH) subsequently replaced Emanuel, followed by Temple Beth Joseph. As the demographics of the city shifted, The Temple changed hands a number of times and was purchased and used by Golden Bell Press for a while. It was then used as a DIY artist, music workshop space (Nirvana & Black Flag played at The GoG/Funhouse) and then sparingly while falling into disrepair in the years leading up to acquisition and renovation.